A fintech application that facilitates wealth management and financial investment

My first financial investment product 20 years ago was an insurance policy. This was before the advent of fintech, which made financial investment accessible to more and more people. Today, financial investment apps make it easy for anyone to start, track, and grow their investments, all through an app.

If you are a newbie investor and want to start small, read on to see how you can start investing with as little as S$100 on moomoo. Additionally, special promotional rewards are available to all users through May 31, 2022.

Investment app for all levels of investors

Moomoo is an investment platform of Futu Holdings based in Singapore. Since entering the Singapore market, it has proven to be a favorite among the investment community; the user base grew to 220,000, of which 100,000 are paying customers.

The fintech platform offers a whole range of products for trading or investing:

  • Commission-free trading of US, Hong Kong and Singapore stocks (only during the promotion period)
  • China A-Shares
  • Margin of negociation
  • US stock options
  • American Certificates of Deposit (ADR)
  • IPOs, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Futures contracts
  • Mutual fund

If you are over 18 and have a bank account based in Singapore, you can opening an account with Futu Singapore.

If you’re a new or beginning investor who doesn’t know what to invest in, Futu Singapore Managing Director Gavin Chua suggests looking into mutual funds. He says, “As a beginner with a limited investment budget, buying mutual funds in small denominations allows you to participate in investments. Mutual funds also offer the easiest way to achieve diversification while guaranteeing liquidity.

He adds that the funds are equipped with managers who can actively manage the funds (associated with disclosure of information due to strict regulations by the Monetary Authority of Singapore).

investment apps moomoo make wealth management easier

Fintech investment app with educational resources

Moomoo’s goal, Gavin says, is to make investing smarter, easier and more accessible to new and seasoned investors; “Wealth management platform champions inclusivity and financial literacy.”

The company also understands that new investors need resources to help them with their financial investment decisions. Thus, there are more than 300 investment videos as well as infographic courses, guides and webinars on the fintech app. Topics cover stocks, options, funds and other financial instruments while meeting diverse learning objectives.

There is also an in-app social community for investors to connect and exchange market views and investment information.

“Seasoned investors can share their portfolios, experiences and ideas with other investors around the world,” says Gavin. “New investors are then able to decide on their investments and allow them to gain a complete experience which is a balance between the study of the investment and the engagement in the investment process.”

According to Gavin, to help investors “level up,” the fintech app has tech-focused features, including an AI-powered market monitor to track volatile stocks, advanced charts with technical indicators and drawing tools, custom alerts and indicator movements.

Fintech Wealth Management Platform

As an investor progresses through their financial investment journey, they may wish to manage their transactions and investments in one place. Moomoo allows users to do this through Money Plus, its online wealth management service.

“Money Plus offers unique access to a diverse range of over 60 fund products ranging from equity, bond, dividend or balanced funds from global fund companies with 20 asset managers. Some of them include BlackRock’s BGF ESG Multi-Asset, Franklin’s Franklin MENA Fund, and Lion Global Investors’ Lion Global Vietnam Fund, all of which have posted strong year-over-year returns,” says Gavin.

funds available on the moomoo Money Plus fintech investment app

Get rewarded when you start your investment journey

Currently, there are zero fees on all funds with moomoo – management fees are deducted from fund assets. And, as long as you are over 18 and have a bank account in Singapore, you can opening an account.

Sale 1

From now until the end of April 13, 2022, new registrants who deposit on the application and complete the necessary steps will receive one Sea Limited share and a S$30 share voucher.

Moomoo fintech app platforms for financial investment

Class 2

From now until the end of May 31, 2022, a moomoo user can expect to earn the following reward points when performing fund-related tasks in the app:

#1 On your profile tab, go to Task Center and complete the tasks to get 15% Funds Coupon which generates extra returns for three days and 800 reward points.

#2 Set up an automatic investment plan and get a 15% fund coupon that generates additional returns for three days and a redemption coupon of S$8.80.

#3 Subscribe to a non-cash fund with over S$100 and get a 15% fund coupon that generates additional returns for three days and a cash coupon of S$5.80.

#4 New users who complete the above three tasks can unlock an exclusive gift set that includes three 15% fund coupons that generate extra returns for three days, 1,500 reward points, and an 18 fund refund coupon S$.

Rewards points can be used to redeem coupons and branded products in the Rewards Club app.


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