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BELLWOOD – Members of the Bellwood-Antis School Board will be looking for a new leader after accepting the resignation of retired Superintendent Thomas McInroy.

McInroy arrived in Bellwood-Antis in October 2014 after serving as Superintendent of the Shanksville-Stonycreek School District in Somerset County since 2006.

Dr. McInroy came to the district at a time when the district was facing significant financial challenges. Under his leadership, the district improved its financial situation.

His working relationship with the board has been positive as it fostered an atmosphere of cooperation and openness, ”said Robert Fisher at the school board meeting on Tuesday.

“Over the challenges of the past two years, Dr. McInroy has shown the courage to do what is right and best for the district and the students, even when that is not the most popular course of action.” said Fisher, who served as chairman of the board for most of McInroy’s time at Bellwood-Antis.

McInroy said he made the decision to retire in 2019 when his last contract was negotiated. Its last day will be July 4th.

“I have worked in education for 34 years. “ he said. “I have two beautiful grandchildren who I would like to spend more time with, and Cheryl (wife) and I want to travel.”

McInroy said his parents died at a young age, 65 and 72, and “I want to do as much as I can, while I can.”

McInroy, who grew up in Bath, NY, plans to stay involved in education in a limited role, possibly as an interim superintendent.

“These positions last about four to six months”, he said.

McInroy said he was proud of the work he and his administrative team have done in the district. “We have built a strong team that includes school board, administration, faculty, support staff, community, parents and business leaders.” he said.

“Together, we have overcome many of the challenges that have been entrusted to us. I am proud to say that the Bellwood-Antis School District has become a leader in educational practices, while being financially responsible to taxpayers ”, he said.

Listing the attributes of Bellwood-Antis, McInroy said “We have awesome teachers who present engaging lessons on a daily basis, have incorporated technology into the curriculum, have dramatically improved facilities, which provide a more conducive learning environment, have extracurricular activities than most schools envy, a dynamic administration, an unparalleled security system and staff, and an incredibly supportive and caring school board.

McInroy said he hopes he will be remembered positively for his time with the District.

“When I walk through the school doors for the last time” he said, “I hope I will be remembered for being a leader in education, student-centered and providing opportunities for people to help improve the quality of education for our students. “

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