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STEPS graduate and psychologist Doreen Canoy (right) talks to psychology graduate Claire Dowling about future career prospects. Picture provided.

Twenty-two years after graduating from high school and fulfilling her role as a mother, Doreen Canoy made the momentous decision to enroll in CQUniversity’s Skills for College Preparatory Studies (STEPS) course.

What started as the first rung on the ladder to developing a career and establishing financial and emotional independence has become so much more for Doreen, who has since pursued a career as a clinical psychologist and academic. .

In 2004, when considering returning to full-time employment after having her children, Doreen wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do, but she knew she wanted a career and freedom. financial.

She had already completed some online studies but, due to feelings of anxiety, did not complete the final assessment.

It was then that she saw an advertisement for STEPS in the local newspaper, which would change the direction of her life for the better.

Doreen finds STEPS unlike any other type of college education because students learn as much about themselves as they do about their college readiness.

“The skills and knowledge gained in STEPS are beneficial not only for students pursuing a college degree, but also for those obtaining employment after being unemployed for a considerable period,” Doreen said.

“University education is not for everyone; however, everyone deserves to have a purpose and to feel valued.

“These are extremely important goals of STEPS and a strong focus of CQUniversity’s drive to engage the community.”

Reflecting on her professional accomplishments over the past 15 years, Doreen is very proud.

She credits the teaching and wonderful mentorship of the staff at STEPS as the impetus for her decision to apply for a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree.

“STEPS gave me the confidence to know my way around campus, to be comfortable approaching staff, and to feel at home in the library.”

At first, she believed she was ahead of incoming undergraduates who had not completed STEPS.

“I’m pretty sure that without this wonderful introduction to college, I would have felt overwhelmed and certainly out of reach.”

Keen to pass on her direct experience of STEPS and how instrumental this course has been in her individual, professional and personal growth, Doreen said seeing so many others embark on and experience the STEPS journey is what under – tendered his honors thesis.

Doreen successfully completed her undergraduate studies over six years while working part-time, and upon completion she worked for two years before returning to CQUniversity to undertake a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

His work spanned research, the criminal justice system, academia, and community mental health, with each experience building on the next.

She received the Australian Psychological Society Student Award from the APS Clinical College (CCLP) for her clinical thesis.

After completing the Clinical Psychology Registrar course, Doreen is now a Registered Clinical Psychologist.

She returned to CQUniversity several years ago as an academic and became a course leader for the Masters in Professional Psychology – a course she wrote.

Doreen has since returned to full-time clinical practice, and although she misses the interaction with her students, she is extremely happy to engage with clients on a daily basis.

“As scary as it sounds, STEPS has truly changed my life,” she said.

“Without this path, I would never have been confident enough to start the journey.

“And what a journey it has been.”

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