Financial investment business industry | BizVibe adds new financial investment companies that can be discovered and followed

NEW YORK, March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BizVibe has increased the number of companies that can now be discovered and tracked for their industry group of financial investment businesses.

Overview of the industry group and product categories of BizVibe’s financial investment business.

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Companies listed in the NAICS category for financial investment activities are defined as being primarily engaged in various intermediation activities (such as investment clubs, venture capital firms, etc.); Portfolio Management; investment advice; fiduciary, fiduciary and custodial activities; and/or various financial investment activities (such as stock exchange listing services, stock exchange clearinghouses, etc.). BizVibe’s in-depth company profile information helps users discover, track, rate and connect with financial investment companies around the world.

More details:

The BizVibe Financial Investment business industry group contains the following:

  • Detailed company profiles, covering over 170 countries

  • More than 10 categories of related products and services

  • Company news follow-up

What’s in a business profile?

  • Organizational information such as major competitors, operating categories, products and service offerings

  • Employee details such as key company personnel, stakeholders and decision makers

  • Business performance and risk monitoring

  • Latest company news with option to sign up for weekly or monthly alerts

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Main countries
BizVibe’s platform contains more than 50,000 financial investment business company profiles from over 170 countries:

  • Over 20,000 businesses in the UK

  • 10,000+ companies in the United States

  • 2,000+ companies in Netherlands

  • 1,000+ companies in Canada

  • 900+ companies in Australia

Products and services
BizVibe classifies all financial investment activities into more than 10 categories of products and services, including:

View all categories of related products and services

News Tracker
BizVibe allows users to create custom dashboards to manage and track businesses across financial investment activity categories. Follow the latest news from all your followed companies, including:

Financial sector companies
The Financial Investment Business industry group is part of BizVibe’s Finance and Insurance segment. There are 11 finance and insurance industry groups in total. Discover finance and insurance companies for related industry groups:

  • Insurance companies

  • Agencies, brokerages and other insurance-related activities

  • Insurance and benefits funds

  • Securities and Commodity Exchanges

  • Activities related to financial intermediation

See all funding categories

BizVibe for Buyers and Sellers
BizVibe is the modern B2B platform dedicated to connecting global buyers and sellers. Powered by the latest cutting-edge solutions, BizVibe provides outstanding product features for category managers and sales professionals.

For buyers, BizVibe helps companies quickly discover and shortlist suppliers, compare companies, create custom alerts for supplier news, and send RFIs/RFPs from predefined templates. For sales teamsBizvibe allows users to efficiently build prospect lists, track and review businesses, and integrate with their CRM.

This all-in-one platform has been designed to equip users with all the tools needed to complete the entire buy/sell cycle in a single workspace.

About BizVibe
BizVibe was conceptualized and built by a team based on Toronto, bangaloreand London. We are a subsidiary of Infiniti Research and have dedicated units at all three sites. BizVibe helps buyers find the most relevant suppliers around the world and helps sellers target prospects who need their products and/or services. For more information, please visit and start for free today.

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BizVibe (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)

BizVibe (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)



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