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“HRU Financials Ltd. strives to prudently and pragmatically select the safest residential and commercial mortgage investments, even during the current economic instability.”

MARKHAM, ON / ACCESS WIRE / May 18, 2020 / Toronto-based HRU Financials Ltd over the years has made it a primary goal to make prudent, high yielding investments in residential, commercial, construction and land finance mortgages in order to generate monthly income. constant and stable for individual and collective investors.

Put simply, the company strives to provide the best service to its customers and the best possible return on investment to shareholders. HRU Financials Ltd has a diversified mortgage portfolio in Canada’s most trusted and largest urban area and prudent underwriting with strict guidelines to control and minimize risk. They also provide quarterly investment statements and annual financial statements to keep investors well informed.

The investment firm is making the safety of its clients a priority even during this COVID-19 pandemic. The company has this to say, “the current economic environment is unstable and people seek refuge for their wealth and assets. We believe the next two years will be periods of significant concentration for real estate, gold and generally passive investments. HRU provides a fixed income investment produced in the residential debt sector to meet the need of individuals seeking secure returns. We are regulated, consistent and conservative. The product earns up to 8.5% annual interest per year. “

Unlike publicly traded stocks or mutual funds, HRU MIC NAVPS (Net Asset Value Per Share) does not fluctuate in response to market trends. Unless HRU MIC incurs an operating loss, the values ​​of the shares are always equivalent to the issue price of the shares. This is due to the rule in the Income Tax Act (ITA) requiring that 100% of a SIC’s net income be paid to shareholders as an annual dividend.

HRU Mortgage Investment Corporation prides itself on putting its clients first, ensuring that the interests and needs of clients are met. Three words often used to describe HRU Mortgage Investment Corporation (also known as HRU Financials Ltd) are stability, consistency and reliability. They also welcome feedback from their customers. Here’s what a few clients had to say;

“My friend recommended HRU to me in 2016. It’s been two years and I continue to invest with them. They are safe, reliable and professional. The return on investment is better than that of banks! “-David Nguyen

“I am a broker and I own a mortgage brokerage house. Mitigating risk is one of my top priorities. HRU MIC is a platform that allows investors to invest and borrow with confidence and assurance.” – Rajesh Bassi

“HRU MIC is a subsidiary of HRU Group. I like the products and services offered by HRU Group. With the great support of HRU Group, I hope HRU MIC will launch more long term investment products at the future. “- Melissa Fazari


HRU Mortgage Investment Corporation strives to prudently and pragmatically select the safest residential and commercial mortgage investments that generate above-average returns and are secured by real estate in the Greater Toronto Area. In turn, it generates consistent and stable fixed monthly returns for individuals and groups of investors.


Name of the contact: HRU Financials Ltd.
Company Name: HRU Financials Ltd.
Local address: 301-7300 Warden Ave, Markham, ON L3R 9Z6
Call: 647-360-8996
E-mail: [email protected]

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