New Day reveals John Cena’s financial investment in Clash Of Clans


John Cena was so obsessed with the Clash Of Clan mobile video game that he heavily invested a lot of money in the game, according to The New Day.

Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E are renowned for being big fans of WWE video games, but the trio revealed a time when Cena forced most of the WWE locker room to join him to play Clash Of Clans.

Big E says Cena took him so seriously that he and others felt pressure from the 16-time WWE Champion if they didn’t perform well enough in the game’s wars.

Speaking on the New Day podcast, E said, “We were basically forced to start Clash of Clans. It wasn’t something I really wanted to do. But I said, ‘Okay’, a bunch of boys were doing it, you know, a bunch of boys were in on it. We started a mobile game if you don’t know, yeah. It was pretty cool. We could bond together. We had a little group chat, and we would, you know, talk about things.

“We realized very quickly that, because Cena, Cena was the one who forced us, and he was pouring out a lot of money as a result, and there is no reason to spend the money, but if you spend money, it makes you speed faster in the game. So a lot of us were on level 3 bases, level 4 bases, and this man was like level 11.

“Everything was max, like instantly, and he was in. He was in. Same thing with Billy Kidman, Billy Kidman, that man fell to five digits. Five digits.

“But we realized very quickly that we were going on TV for fear of John Cena. Disappointment.

“As you know, you only have one star in battle. God forbid, you didn’t have stars when we went into battle. He was looking at you and you knew. Words wouldn’t even have it. You didn’t need to say anything. You knew you had let your clan down. So yeah, it got a bit under pressure. “

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