Revenue Roll Announces “Rollout” of Revolutionary Alpha Platform and Customer Waitlist

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“Through these strategies and innovations, we’ve seen some of our clients achieve over 8x return on advertising spend and tens of millions of dollars in revenue.” – CEO Alek Burk

Today, Revenue Roll Inc., an innovative marketing and financial technology company, announced the launch of its new branding, alpha platform and open waitlist.

Incorporated in March 2021, Revenue Roll has spent the last year secretly building a new analytics platform explicitly aimed at solving the problems growing businesses are facing with the new privacy restrictions brought by IOS 14 / Apple ITP . Using this platform, RevenueRoll launched and tested a new performance advertising model in which clients are only charged when their revenue or leads exceed a historical performance benchmark.

During the company’s exclusive waitlist opening, ex-Googler and company CEO Alek Burk said, “We’ve been tireless in our quest to bring the tools to business and the most effective advertising tactics to fast-growing small businesses.Through these strategies and innovations, we have seen some of our clients achieve over 8x ROI and tens of millions of dollars in revenue. have deliberately limited the number of platform users and clients we support to ensure our methodologies work. It is with great pride that I am able to report that we will be able to welcome the next 25 companies to our platform to give them a chance to achieve similar results.

With the expansion of the Revenue Roll platform waitlist, a plethora of new features and offers are now rolling out, including:

  • A standardized link tagging system through an automatic custom UTM generator, reducing the time it takes to manually tag sales to ad campaigns for attribution.
  • A best-in-class attribution model for e-commerce clients offering superior server-side tracking to avoid IOS device downtime.
  • An early version of a cross-customer identity graph to help customers track their customers’ visits from different devices.
  • An early release of third-party marketing data with our Identity Graph allowing customers to buy cross-platform audiences comprised of over 3000 customer attributes.
  • ROAS-Linked Performance Advertising: Offers customers the option to only pay for performance-based advertising linked to flexible and adjustable cost-sensitive referrals.
  • Advertise Now Paid Financing for Ads: Offers clients the lowest cost, most growth-oriented financing for ads with a flexible repayment structure that fits their sales cycle.

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About Revenue Roll Inc:

Revenue Roll Inc. is an innovative marketing and financial technology company that was founded on the principle that growing businesses – not just large, established companies – should have the analytics, tools and opportunities to realize their full earning potential.

Our analytics platform, performance marketing services, and lending products alleviate systemic industry issues related to mispricing technology, services, and financial offerings by aligning pricing with the results of customer success.

Founded by alumni of Google, Accenture and award-winning agencies, Revenue Roll’s goal is to find ways to take previously inaccessible business platforms, strategies and tools and distribute them to large-scale growing businesses to make them competitive in the world of advertising. market.

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