Safmar Financial Investment: 2021 review of the SFI investment holding company

Investment Holding SFI (MOEX: SFIN) reports audited consolidated financial results for 2021, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In 2021, the net profit of the holding company amounted to 4.1 billion rubles against a loss of 3.7 billion rubles a year earlier. Total operating and financial income totaling 13.2 billion rubles. The successful conclusion of several agreements regarding the sale of the assets of the holding company in 2021 – NPF SAFMAR, NPF Mospromstroy-Fund and Direct-Credit Credit Broker – had a significant impact on the performance of SFI.

Companies that are part of the holding company have shown significant growth. In 2021, total operational and financial income in the leasing segment increased by 37% to RUB 17.5 billion, in the insurance segment – by 23% to RUB 2.4 billion.

SFI’s IFRS accounts for 2021 are published on the website and on his page in the Corporate Disclosure Center.

Main events of 2021:

In 2021, SFI transitioned to a diversified investment holding company model, moving away from the concept of a holding company that only invests in financial companies. This strategy involves conducting investment activities within three investment baskets:

  • public (listed) assets with high growth potential based on the company’s fundamental characteristics;

  • private assets (non-equity trading) – leaders in their segments and/or companies who can become new leaders with SFI’s support;

  • growing business – startups or business projects.

This approach balances the asset portfolio and achieves target returns at a given level of risk.

In 2021, SFI completely withdrew its assets from private pension funds, completed the 100% sale of a credit broker and acquired shares in the oil sector, expecting a global rebalancing of world oil prices . In addition, the holding company has invested in the promising gaming service GFN.RU which collaborates with the main manufacturer of graphics processors.

That same year, the holding company completed its three-year share buyback program. Currently, the shares represent 55.84% of the capital of SFI and its buyout operators.

An updated SFI Board of Directors was elected in December 2021. This allowed most directors to become independent, making the decision-making process regarding the holding company’s development and assets more transparent. .

The holding also decided to change its name in 2021 and changed its name from PJSC SAFMAR Financial Investments to PJSC SFI. Over the summer, SFI, in conjunction with the main branding agency, began to develop a new corporate style. The brand’s new platform and logo were unveiled to the public at the end of the year.

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