Shadman’s problematic footwork and failures

Shadman Islam Aneek entered the Test cricket scenario in Bangladesh with a lot of hope and promise for the fans. His debut came at a time when Bangladesh were barely getting an opening partnership that went over more than 5 overs. Losing both openers within 10 overs was becoming a regular thing.

He made his debut in 2018 against the Windies. He played a great inning for a rookie 76 (199). This, along with his top-class cricket numbers, made everyone believe that he had the potential to become the new long-term Test opener for Bangladesh.

However, his recent performances have made those dreams disappear. He has a test average of 25, which is below par for an opener. At the same time, he hardly gets big scores.

Since his brilliant century against Zimbabwe last year, his best score is 22. He has only hit double twice. And he played 9 innings between the two (1st inning against South Africa included). It certainly doesn’t look like the stats of a regular Test opener.

At first, it looked like a problem of Bangladesh not playing the tests frequently. But now they are playing the 5th Test in less than 4 months, which is good enough, but not good enough for Shadman.

The mental factor can still be a problem. Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa (although South Africa’s main bowlers are not available) all have excellent bowling units. Maybe he’s not mentally prepared to deal with such quality attacks.

But his main villain is his foot movement. Especially his back foot which remains extraordinarily static. It has come out the same in its last 10 innings, except for the 1st inning of the 2nd Test against New Zealand.

Deliveries in a good and full length intersection point get it easily. His static back foot doesn’t help him there. His front foot moves, also kicks, but his back foot does not.

As a result, he does not enter the line of the bowl, whatever the line, and he edges or misses. It’s been a regular storyline in all of its innings. He misses balls played in these areas.

He sometimes survives, which is one of his great attributes, but not for long. And it becomes routine for him.

If he cannot solve these problems, he will soon be another cheaply wasted potential.

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