SpotInvest Review – Personalized Trading Experience

SpotInvest is an integrated online trading broker that offers robust and customizable tools and features for the active trader.

Main advantages

SpotInvest is a lesser-known brokerage platform, but it has several unique trading practices and advantages that set it apart from its competition. The broker has recently attracted many traders and investors with favorable online reviews. Here are the main advantages of investing with SpotInvest.

Customizable trading experience

SpotInvest prioritizes innovation to streamline the trading experience across all of its platforms. Its desktop, web and mobile trading programs offer robust and customizable features and functions, facilitating thorough backtesting, improved order entry speeds and minimizing emotional and financial decisions. Customizable tools allow traders to spread risk across various instruments and hedge against long positions.

Various investment instruments

Traders and investors using SpotInvest can also leverage their diverse product offerings to access different asset classes and global markets. The broker has a robust selection of investment instruments ranging from stocks, crypto, and commodities to several other asset classes. This makes it a great platform for active traders, seasoned investors, and even beginners.

Extensive educational resources

SpotInvest also provides an extensive collection of educational materials to help traders and investors navigate the highs and lows of online trading. The materials are available on all trading platforms in different formats for the convenience of each user. Resources cover online investing basics, trading strategies, and other valuable topics for different types of traders and investors.

Introducing SpotInvest

Although SpotInvest is not entirely different from other online brokers, it has some unique attributes that set it apart. The features include many advantages, but some constraints also exist. Here are the potential pros and cons of SpotInvest.


  • Personalized commerce experience
  • Access to a wider selection of products
  • Many educational resources
  • Low fees and commissions

The inconvenients

  • Some advanced trading tools and features can be overwhelming for beginners
  • The mobile app has limited functions

Commercial experience

Customers can easily access their services by creating free accounts through their desktop, web, or mobile programs. This broker’s trading platforms boast an intuitive design with robust predefined and customizable features. All programs include basic features including charts, watchlists, portfolio reports, asset filters, price alerts, and real-time data streaming. And users can also access comprehensive educational materials such as trading tutorials, articles and industry news.

However, the automated trading system is one of the special provisions of the broker. The system allows traders to set specific rules for trade entries and exits. It allows traders to execute and monitor orders more efficiently. This eliminates the risks of making emotional decisions since the system can execute orders automatically once they meet the set criteria. It also ensures thorough backtesting, which is essential for evaluating trading strategies and avoiding risk.

SpotInvest’s trading platforms provide a list of common technical indicators to help traders and investors build their preferred rules for automated trading. However, traders can customize their strategies and indicators, ensuring greater flexibility and higher potential rewards. However, experienced traders should consider SpotInvest desktop and web programs for more robust tools and functionality.

What do they offer?

SpotInvest offers several investment alternatives to its clients. They have a comprehensive portfolio that caters to retail traders and institutional investors looking to diversify their wealth. Beginners can also take advantage of SpotInvest’s wider product selection to venture into online trading. Here are the asset classes tradable on SpotInvest.

  • Forex
  • Shares
  • Crypto
  • CFDs
  • AND F

SpotInvest also allows traders and investors exclusive access to the global crypto, stock and forex markets. This makes it a great platform for advanced traders and investors who need broader market access.

About fees and commissions

SpotInvest has made great efforts to promote low-cost online trading. The broker removed several standard fees from its schedule, including monthly inactivity fees, withdrawal fees, and minimum account balances. Also, trading stocks and ETFs on the platforms is not subject to any fees or commissions. Overall, SpotInvest has much lower margin rates and fees than most of its immediate competitors.

final verdict

SpotInvest is an excellent trading platform for active traders and experienced investors who need customizable tools and features, access to multiple investment instruments, and low margin rates. Novice traders and casual investors can also take advantage of SpotInvest’s customizable tools and educational materials to streamline the trading experience and make informed financial decisions.

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