Store owner who revealed Hunter Biden’s laptop was on the verge of bankruptcy; Leftists still harass him

Hunter Biden (AP Images)

John Paul Mac Isaac, the American patriot who gave Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI and then to Rudy Giuliani, a former aide to President Trump, is heading for bankruptcy if he doesn’t get back on his feet. etc

The owner of the store where a drunken Biden left the machine, Isaac received unwanted attention from not only left-leaning media after the New York Post broke the laptop story, but also the crackpots who threatened his life and called him a Russian agent. To this day, they still do.

In an interview with Breitbart, Isaac explained that Biden dropped the laptop off at his store and never returned to pick it up, then his surprise to find incriminating data: documents linking the future candidate’s son to the presidency to the Biden-Burisma influence peddling scheme. .

Data recovery

The man who opened the store in 2010 and worked overtime to accommodate customers told the website that Biden was three leaves to the wind when he arrived with three machines on April 12, 2019.

It was 13 days before Joe Biden announced his presidential candidacy.

“The smell preceded it,” Isaac said. “He had balance issues. Speech issues.

Biden easily gave up his name, and when Isaac noticed the Beau Biden sticker on the machine, he assumed the president’s surviving son was “seeking to remove his deceased brother’s memories from the laptop.” So I took pity on the guy and helped him recover data from one of the laptops without charging it. I just gave him a keyboard to use because there were missing keys on this laptop’s keyboard. He got this one himself from the shop.

Isaac said a laptop was beyond hope. He retrieved another’s data while Biden waited, and kept one because retrieving the data was more difficult.

Isaac contacted Biden the next day to tell him he needed to buy a terabyte external hard drive and give it to Isaac. Isaac stored the data on his store’s secure server, he told Breitbart, and would transfer the data to the external hard drive.

Biden – drunk again – dropped off the hard drive on April 17.

Isaac explained that data recovery involves examining certain files to ensure that they are not corrupted and that the data is indeed being recovered:

The first time I checked on the spot, I chose the biggest file, which was a video file, and it was a video of him [Hunter] committed acts, multiple acts, which seemed compromising and rude but above all embarrassing. But at this point, there were no red flags. his father [Joe Biden] had not yet announced his candidacy. To me, then, it was just a drunk guy with some nasty stuff on his computer. It was not a political concern at the time.

But then Isaac saw something else. He spotted a file called “invoice”. More spot checks “revealed a lot of money exchanging hands: $2.5 million from Burisma, a statement that said you obviously can’t survive on $550,000 a year. It looked really shady and it looked like a lot of money and lots of clever ways to disguise and hide that money.

“That’s when I started to worry a little bit,” Isaac said.

Biden Senior had yet to announce his candidacy:

I didn’t feel like I had anything to worry about yet. It was rude and embarrassing, but it was still just a guy. It’s only when I make several attempts to get him to land it and his dad announces his candidacy for president. [on April 25, 2019] that I have a greater fear. What I did know was that there were signed papers in Hunter’s possession somewhere that said I was authorized to look at and retrieve data from that laptop. I could only imagine now that there was someone on Joe Biden’s staff, the Secret Service maybe, who is responsible for the feuds in the Biden family’s old electronics.

Isaac repeatedly called Hunter Biden to retrieve the machine, but he never answered.

When the Biden-Burisma scandal began to escalate in May, Isaac said, “I’m starting to get really worried that there might be something on this drive”:

Part of me was curious but another part of me said “I have to get this laptop out of here”. All the time hanging over my head is that document over there [in Hunter’s possession] giving me the green light to watch this drive.

As the summer progressed, I became more worried. Then it was mid-July and after several more attempts to get it back, it became my property. After those 90 days, when it was legally my property, curiosity killed the cat and I entered the laptop.

Because Biden did not collect the laptop for 90 days, it became Isaac’s property. That’s when Isaac started digging deeper into the content:

I went there because I was worried that there was some activity related to Burisma. That was all I focused my attention on. I ignored porn and anything salacious. I wanted to see if I was sitting on something that was potentially criminal and part of a criminal investigation. What I saw I would describe as sinister, a blatant fee-for-service system, and looked very dodgy.

Fearing for his physical safety, Isaac went to the FBI, but approached the bureau through his father in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

But he was also worried that the FBI was not a safe recipient because of its role in the Russian collusion scandal that turned out to be a hoax, and so wanted to get the hard drive to Giuliani. For its part, the FBI of Albuquerque did not want anything. It almost drove Isaac’s father out of the office.

Sixteen months passed.

“I wanted to do it right, through the right channels,” Isaac said:

I tried the Department of Justice. I tried congress. It’s now August 2020, I’ve been sitting on this for over a year, and I’ve decided it’s time to go see the president, straight to his lawyer. So I stepped out of the shadows and emailed Giuliani directly.

Giuliani’s attorney, Bob Costello, responded. He passed a copy of the hard drive to the To postwho published his first article and highlighted the Biden-Burisma-related emails on October 14, 2020. The election was weeks away.

The problem is that the To post forgot to smudge Isaac’s name on an image that illustrated the story:

I wake up the next morning and my phone explodes. The Post forgot to blur my shop name in one of the images they posted. So within an hour everyone knew who I was. Then, within an hour, I watched Twitter and the mainstream media block and suppress the story.

Isaac received police protection, and the story went under the public radar because Twitter and left-leaning media refused to report.

But once the story went viral, Isaac received a slew of nasty emails and phone messages.

I was answering the phone and hearing terrible things,” he told Breitbart:

I had to file a terrorist threat report with the police. Not so many emails or text messages, but a lot of stuff about how “Putin thanks me for my service” or how I’m a Russian lackey or how I’m a hacker going to jail.

That’s what I didn’t understand, why people were calling me a criminal. I had 20 or 30 voicemails the first day with people saying “I hope you blow yourself up in jail” and “I hope you rot in jail”, and I’m scratching my head…. I went to the FBI. If I had done something wrong, they would have come after me.

It wasn’t until later that I realized it was because of Twitter. Twitter had called me a hacker by calling the material “hacked material”. So people identified me as a hacker who hacked into Hunter’s computer, stole his data and broke the law.

Isaac closed his store two and a half weeks later.

Bankruptcy is possible,” he said. “I could lose my house. I’m not there yet and I hope not to lose my house. A friend finally convinced me to let her open a GiveSendGo account to help me.

For the money, he picks up trash for $20 an hour.

And he still receives hate messages:

Every day I wake up to someone posting a new thing about me being a Russian stooge…. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine created a wave of attacks against me. You know, “Putin thanks you for your service” or “If you still don’t have any money, go see Putin, he has already paid you”. It’s daily.

What’s worse is that the left-leaning media sat on the story. They enthusiastically peddled Joe Biden’s lie that the laptop was “Russian disinformation”.

It was only last week, with Biden safely in the White House, that pro-Biden New York Times confess. The laptop and the emails it contained were real.

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