Willpower and positivity are essential for a successful life

As humans, we all have ups and downs in life. What keeps us going and fighting the battle of life is the determination to survive and run. The end of the game begins when we give up and helplessness sets in. Here is the importance of two of the crucial attitudes that are vital in this melee of life: willpower and positivity.

Will in this context means the strength of spirit to fight. Will is the intention of the mind, and power signifies the strength of that resolve. The higher the willpower, the greater the internal strength of the mind to face any eventuality or exercise any self-control like quitting smoking, etc. Willpower is inevitable to wage any war in life: whether internal or external.

Positivity is the attitude of being optimistic or positive in any scenario. When the chips are low, only the attitude of positivity can keep us going. Being optimistic is a boon even in difficult times as it helps us design counterattack strategies to overcome difficulties / tragedies. It also allows you to succeed despite obstacles / handicaps.

Willpower and positivity is therefore the best overall attitude tool that a human being should have to face any challenge in life. There are a number of instances in the history of mankind where individuals have been able to achieve wonders only through this dual attitude. Who does not know the story of Hellen Keller, the legendary American author and political activist who went blind before the age of 2 but continued to pursue her career despite everything? Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of our time, lived with the dreaded disease known as motor neuron (which causes an individual to lose voluntary muscles) for over 50 years of his life. He was confined to a wheelchair and even had communication difficulties but that did not prevent him from continuing his scientific research which earned him worldwide recognition. Closer to home, we have the example of Sudha Chandran who became an accomplished dancer of Bharat Natyam despite the loss of one of her legs in an accident. Likewise, we must remember Ravindra Jain who overcame lifelong blindness to become one of the famous personalities as a music composer and lyricist in Bollywood.

All of the above examples show that good intention, willpower, and an optimistic outlook (positivity) can help an individual overcome the worst physical / mental issues and be successful.

Applicability for the elderly:

Both of the above attitudes are absolutely imperative for senior citizens. As we age, our physical and mental faculties also grow. We become weak, obsolete, helpless and tired: all this leads to a further weakening of physical and mental strength, which makes us more dependent and withdrawn. Lack of physical zeal and mental toughness add to the problem. If this continues for a long time, it becomes the beginning of the end of our physical will and mental strength to be a part of this world.

It is at this point in our lives that seniors need the dual attitude of will and positivity that can pull them out of impotence syndrome and re-energize their system. This intention can enable them to find purpose in life and to live happily.

It is against this background that seniors should try to develop these two attributes through various activities / actions so that they remain mentally strong and always feel optimistic about the future. Family members and geriatric counselors also have an important role to play in instilling these two attributes in the older people with whom they interact.

Some steps to build willpower and positivity:

1. Live a balanced life including good physical activity, mental exercise and good relationship maintenance.

2. Do not think about regrets but only remember the happy times of the past.

3. Trying to find life’s purpose for the future for the short term say, 1 to 3 years.

4. Read, if possible, or listen to people’s lives who succeeded despite everything.

5. Specific exercises to improve willpower like setting difficult self-imposed deadlines, using the opposite hand for activities, deliberately reducing financial expenses, changing the rhetoric, among others.

6. Always be in touching positive people / warm friends.

7. Spend a little time with young people.

8. Render physical services / give goods or financial means to the needy with the joy of giving.

9. Make one used to seeing happy / comic / series movies during the day.

Above is only provisional and suggested advice. However, the most important aspect is that older people must believe in two axioms:

a. Everything is achievable.

b. Sunlight always dispels darkness.

Belief in these two axioms will allow an elderly person to move forward with confidence, endowed with a dual attitude of will and positivity. Besides giving them a renewed confidence to do things that until now seemed difficult, it will also make them feel good about themselves; this greatly helps to improve their efficiency in zealous life.

May all old people be blessed with the double attitude of WILL and POSITIVITY!!

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Posted on: Saturday November 20, 2021 3:53 PM IST

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